Return Double Check

We DOUBLE CHECK this year’s return before you sign it.  THIS YEAR, NOT NEXT.  But just in case somebody else did your return last year we offer a FREE RETURN DOUBLE CHECK.ps –  we also offer the BETTER PRICE GUARANTEE.

They say double-checking is never a bad idea, and that especially goes for reviewing an old tax return or getting a second opinion on this years return. In fact, you could be entitled to a bigger refund than you actually received last year – and even up to two years before that. RETURN DOUBLE CHECK is free*.

If our QuikTax™ Tax Professionals find an error that results in a larger refund ($200 minimum) for you, we will charge you to correct and file the return. Our commitment to Fair Pricing limits our fee to 35% of the additional refund.

You must make a RETURN DOUBLE CHECK appointment either online HERE or by calling our office at 574-855-0533. We apologize but we cannot take RETURN DOUBLE CHECK walk ins. You are welcome to stop in and make an appointment as well.

What will be the big things we look for?

If you are a student or are a student’s parent, are you sure you are taking full advantage of the American Opportunity Credit, the Lifetime Learning Credit and all available deductions for tuition? The rules are complicated, and errors are common.

Selecting your optimal filing status has a strong impact on the value of some credits and deductions. For some families, changing your filing status can make you eligible for a larger refund.

The Earned Income Tax Credit can mean thousands of extra dollars for working families. Qualification depends on rules regarding income, marital status, and family size – so it’s a credit that’s often missed. In fact, the IRS reports approximately 20% of taxpayers eligible to claim the EITC do not claim it on their return. And that’s just not enough!