What exactly does QuikTax™ mean by GUARANTEED!  We mean we offer an Accuracy Guarantee, backed up by Audit Protection at no cost.  We offer our BETTER PRICE GUARANTEE, where we guarantee you will pay less this year than you paid another professional preparer last year.  Details on these guarantees are below.  Simple Pricing will make your decision an easy one. So don’t delay…. Schedule an Appointment to get your taxes done at QuikTax™ today!

"We were thrilled by the kindness and service we were given by the folks at QuikTax™"
Joseph Williams
South Bend

We Maximize Your Refund
We try to find every deduction you are legally entitled to use. Over 300 different deductions are available, we see which ones fit your situation.

We Review Every Detail, Every Time
We do a comprehensive review of your return before we file it, so you can be confident that your return is accurate. 

State of the Art Tax Software
We use state of the art Tax Software to be certain our calculations are correct. We GUARANTEE our calculations or we will pay the IRS penalties – not any tax due, just the penalty from errors in our calculations. We must have received complete and accurate information from the customer for this guarantee to be valid.

Professional Tax Preparation takes away uncertainty
If you have ever tried to file your own taxes, you know the uncertainty – “have I missed a deduction, did I make a mistake taking that deduction, did I forget to include anything…” Let QuikTax™ take away that uncertainty.  Our Professionals have been trained to look for those details, our software was created to make sure everything is correct.

Audit and Identity Protection – INCLUDED FREE FOR 2019 TAX RETURNS
We can offer you the safety and security of knowing that in the event of an audit you are represented by leaders in the industry. And as a bonus we include Identity Protection in the package. Ask your Tax Professional for more details.

What our Guaranteed! Period. Guarantee means and what it covers
We will pay any PENALTIES and INTEREST levied by the IRS or any state because of an ERROR or OMISSION created by QuikTax™ employee preparation of your PAID Federal or State Income Tax Return. We WILL NOT PAY any TAX DUE.  Our guarantee is only valid if we were given the complete information required to accurately file your Federal or State Income Tax Return.  If the client fails/failed to give QuikTax™ the correct information – this guarantee is void.  To reiterate – we are responsible if we were given all required information and documentation.  We cannot guarantee anything where we were not given required information.

Complete details on all of these Guarantees are available in our office.

How to beat last years return preparation fee
– Bring a copy of last years tax return showing it was prepared and signed by a preparer holding an IRS issued PTIN number
– We will verify the returns authenticity
– The return you require this year is substantially similar (ie – 1040 Fed and state, same investment accounts, similar W2’s, same or nearly the same number of dependents)
– If it meets these simple criteria, your Tax Return Preparation Fee for QuikTax™ to prepare your 2019 Income Tax Return will be less than you paid last year
– If we find we cannot beat the price you were charged last year, we will give you a VISA Gift Card worth $10

HERE IS OUR PROMISE – our pricing is simple and very reasonable. Stop by our office and we will show you.

We are professionals who spend many weeks each year learning how best to serve our customers and deliver an accurate return. We learn how to MAXIMIZE your deductions. We don’t do this for free, but we don’t believe it needs to be expensive to use a professional.

Our services should pay for themselves when you consider the additional tax savings we hope to find, the value of your time and the peace of mind that our INCLUDED Audit Protection give you.